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Aug 13 18

2018-19 season coming soon

by michael

Our new season of indoor volleyball is coming up soon!  As in past years, we will start with a captains meeting on Wed, September 12, 2018 and league play starting the following Wednesday (September 19).  Team fees still have to be finalized, so keep checking in for updates.  Its important that all teams wanting to join the league have a team representative attend the captains meeting to secure your spot.

If your team is looking to add some new players, check out the Substitutes page.  There are some new listings of guys who are looking for a team to join.

Mar 13 18

2017/2018 Champs!

by Brandon Mack

Another great year in the books! Thanks to all who support the league and congratulations to the 2017/2018 season champions!

A Div – Clownpunchers

Second Place: Burger Smash


B Div – Practice Safe Sets

Second Place: VolleyTech


C Div – Moist Makers

Second Place: We Could Carry Less


D Div – Bumpin’ Uglies

Second Place: Hit Faced


Mar 8 18

Year end tournament

by michael

The regular season is now over, and all of the stats have been updated.  Go onto the league website to see the end standings.

The only thing left is the year end tournament which runs this weekend.  The tournament schedule now shows the teams in their final placements, so make sure you familiarize yourselves with when and where your team plays.  Pay close attention to the minoring schedule as well so that you don’t miss out on those scheduled duties.

A few tournament particulars:

  • All matches are being played at the SaskTel Soccer Centre on Nelson Road, on the 3 Family Focus courts (on the left of the main indoor soccer pitch).
  • We will have professional referees at each match.  Proper respect towards the referees is expected of all teams.
  • All matches will be best 2 out of 3.
    • Saturday: first 2 games capped at 27; third game to 15, must win by 2 points, no cap.
    • Sunday: no cap on any games (first 2 to 25, must win by 2 – no cap; third game to 15, must win by 2 – no cap)
  • Match times are scheduled for 50 minutes.
  • All teams are expected to only have players who have played with their team at least twice during the regular season.  Teams should not be borrowing players from higher divisions.  Teams caught doing this risk having to forfeit.  This is difficult (and not fun) to police, so just don’t do it. 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best of luck to all teams this weekend!

Feb 6 18

Year-End Tournament Schedule

by Brandon Mack

Linked below is our year-end tournament schedule. Obviously teams aren’t positioned yet since we won’t know those details until the last day of league play. This should give everyone a good idea of the setup and time frames.

As of right now the tournament will take place on the three Family Focus courts at the SaskTel Soccer Centre for March 10-11, 2018. If for some unforeseen reason this changes, we will make sure to let everyone know.

Year End Tournament Schedule

Dec 11 17

Minor Officiating reminder

by michael

Some complaints have been received about teams not always showing proper respect for referees and the rest of the minor officials, so I wanted to take the time to issue a reminder to all teams:  please remember that this is a recreational league where we pride ourselves on providing a fun, competitive environment.  We do not pay for officials (outside of the year end tournament) and as such we are able to keep our league costs very reasonable.  There should always be respect shown to the referees and minor officials.  In turn, refs should also always treat players respectfully.

Complaints have also been raised about teams not always fielding the proper positions for minor officiating.  As a reminder, the minor officiating teams should have:

  • Top referee – In charge of the overall play.
  • Down referee – watching under the net; lower net touches; downed balls on pancakes; and backing up the ref on two hits and carries when they may be blocked by another player, etc.
  • Two linesmen – watch for touches on blocks; ball touching the antenna; balls landing in or out.
  • Score keeper
Keep in mind that not all of the responsibility lands on the top referee.  With all of officiating members making calls together the match should be called fairly and properly.  Players can also help out by being honest and call themselves when they’ve touched the net or touched the ball on a block.  And if calls get missed, life goes on.
We should all be proud of our league’s competitiveness.  A big part of this is mutual respect being shown to all members.
Nov 27 17

A/B/C/D Division Schedules Now Available

by Brandon Mack

The schedule for the second half of the season is now posted. We will be posting images and PDFs (similar to the first half) once we get those together but in the mean time you can head over to the schedule page and follow the link to view our spreadsheet.

Sep 18 17

Start of league play confirmed for Wed, Sept 20, 2017

by michael

Now that the soccer center has resumed it’s normal operations after being used as an evacuation center, we can confirm that our league play will start this Wed, Sept 20, 2017.  The schedule has now been posted, so take note of your teams playing and minoring times.  Upper half will play the 6:30-9:00 slot; lower half from 9:00-11:30.

For those teams that haven’t paid the full amount yet ($1475) bring the remainder of your fees on Wednesday night.  Treasurer Tim will be present to gladly take your moola.  As in past years, teams that are not paid in full will be hit with default scores of 0’s.  Like most things in life, you gotta pay to play.

Sep 12 17

New location for Wed, Sept 13 captains meeting

by michael

Since the Henk Ruys Soccer Center is still being used as a Red Cross Evacuation Center, we will need to relocate our pre-season captain’s meeting this Wednesday night.

The new meeting location will be at Cracker’s Restaurant and Lounge, located at 227 Pinehouse Drive, Saskatoon, starting at 7:00PM on Wed, Sept 13, 2017.

As always, make sure you send a team representative to this meeting to assure your spot in the league.  Also, remember to bring at least the $200 deposit.  Payments in full ($1475) can also be made.

Whether we are able to start our league play on our scheduled opening night of Wed, Sept 20 will depend on whether the soccer center is still being used as an evacuation center.

Sep 5 17

Soccer Center / Evacuation Center

by michael

If you’re following the news here in Saskatoon, you’ll know that the Henk Ruys Soccer Center is currently being used as a Red Cross evacuation shelter.  There is currently no projected end date that I’m aware of for when evacuees will be able to head back to their homes.  If this evacuation carries on to when we were planning on starting our season, we’ll just have to adjust our dates accordingly.

For now, we’ll keep our captain’s meeting scheduled for Wed, Sept 13 starting at 7:00.  If we can’t meet in the Soccer Centre, I’ll try to arrange an alternate location.

Also for now, we’ll keep our opening night of play for Wed, Sept 20.  Again, if we need to change this, I’ll let all captains know.

Aug 30 17

New additions to “Substitutes” page

by michael

If anyone is looking for another player, we’ve just added a few guys who are looking for a team.  Check them out under the Substitutes page.