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Mar 10 17

Updated schedule now available

by michael

The updated year end tournament schedule is now posted under the schedule tab.  It took a few bugs to work out, but it’s now ready to go.  This schedule has also been emailed to all team captains.

Mar 7 17

Year end tournament schedule now available for viewing

by michael

Check out this weekend’s tournament schedule under the Schedules tab.

Mar 2 17

Further tournament update

by michael

Since my last post we’ve been hit with more booking changes requiring us to further modify our year end tournament schedule.  We no longer have access to the 6 courts at the Henk Ruys Soccer Center for the Friday night (March 10), but we were able to secure 3 courts at the Sask Tel Soccer Centre (the “new” soccer centre on Nelson Road) for the Friday.

Here’s the revised schedule:

Wed, March 8 – Last night of regular season play.

Fri, March 10 – 3 courts at the Sask Tel Soccer Centre.  Matches to be scheduled to start at 7:30PM with last matches ending at midnight

Sat, March 11 – All matches at the Warman High School.  We have courts booked from 8:00am (first matches to start at either 8:30 or 9:00am) with last matches ending at 11:00pm.

Sun, March 12 – All matches at the Warman High School.  First matches to start at 8:30 or 9:00am with championship finals ending at 6:00pm.

For any guys playing in SAVA, co-ed matches on the Sunday are scheduled to start at 12 noon, so some guys may need to decide which league to play in.  We had hoped to avoid scheduling conflicts with SAVA, but in the end with all of the changes we were hit with, we decided to keep our tournament running until 6:00pm.

With regular season games happening on Wed, March 8 we intend to enter that night’s scores as quickly as possible so that the final schedule can be posted and teams can know where and when they’ll be playing on the schedule.  This is especially important for those few teams that will be playing and minor officiating on the Friday night.

As before, I apologize for the short notice on these further changes.  A year end tournament is something that most (hopefully all) of our players look forward to, so we do our best to put on a fun tournament that doesn’t get watered down.  I appreciate your understanding as we maneuver around unexpected changes.

Best of luck to all teams!

Michael Newell

Feb 28 17

Important tournament update

by michael

The following information was recently shared with all team captains, but I wanted to post this here too…

Due to recent changes to gym space availability and as a way to best accommodate those teams who will have guys playing in SAVA’s last regular season matches, we’ve had to make some changes to our year end tournament.

With apologies for the short notice, we are adding Friday night, March 10 to the tournament schedule.

The basic schedule will go like this:

Wednesday, March 8 – last regular season games
Friday, March 10 – start of tournament…games at Henk Ruys Soccer Centre from 6:30pm to 11:30pm
Saturday, March 11 – games at Warman High School 9:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday, March 12 – games at Warman High School 9:00am – 12 noon (the last matches will start at 12 noon to best accommodate those guys who are still playing in SAVA’s last regular season matches on this date)

All teams will be playing in the tournament.

We will have paid referees but teams will still need to minor officiate for scorekeeping and lines.

We realize that this late addition of the Friday night might create some inconveniences for teams trying to get all of their guys together.  Overall, the expectation will be same as in previous years: teams should only have players that have played at least a couple of times with their team throughout the regular season, and teams should not be borrowing players from higher divisions.

We hope to have the tournament format available as soon as possible, but placements will depend on final regular season standings which won’t be known until after Wed, March 8.

Good luck to all teams for the remainder of the season!

Jan 18 17

Schedule update

by michael

On the schedule you’ll notice that it indicates that there is to be a division switch prior to this week’s matches.  At the captains meeting in September we discussed that this switch would be at the discretion of the executive and would be based on whether any teams were significantly higher or lower in the stats department compared to the rest of the teams in that division.

We’ve assessed the current stats and have decided to make just one change: That’s What She Set will move up to the B division (with Balls Deep dropping down to accommodate this move).  All of the rest of the teams in the league will stay put and there will be no more moves for the rest of the year.

Nov 29 16

Extra court time available Nov 30 and Dec 7

by michael

If any one is interested, our courts are available for an earlier warm up this week and next week (Nov 30 and Dec 7):

– Field #2: We can use the courts starting at 5:30pm
– Mark Tennant: We can use the courts starting at 6:00pm

Note that matches will still start at the usual 6:30pm.

Nov 29 16

Stats page updated

by michael

The stats page has now been updated to show the 4 divisions.

Nov 15 16

New schedule now available

by michael

You can now see the new 4 division schedule under the Schedule tab.


Sep 28 16

Stats sheet now available for viewing.

by michael

The scores/stats are now available under the 2016-17 Standings tab.  You’ll need to click on the link that’s there.

Sep 14 16

Schedule now posted

by michael

To see the schedule for the first 8 weeks, look under the Schedule tab.